don't take our word for it, here's what previous clients have to say about their scoutbee property search experience...

Simon and Ulrike moving from Brussels to Winchester:

"Exactly what we were looking for - smart, professional, friendly and with detailed knowledge of the area"

Simon and Ulrike were moving back to the UK after a number of years abroad and were looking to start a new life in Winchester with their family. They were looking to purchase a property that gave them the size and space they needed, within walking distance of the station and with easy access to a range of good schools to suit the different ages of their children. 

"The was a really big move for us as neither of us had lived in the UK for more than 20 years.  Jennie was exactly what we were looking for - smart, professional, friendly and with detailed knowledge of the area.  

In the internet age, anyone can go online and look at what's on the market, and that was great for us to get a feel for which properties were out there. But we relied heavily on Jennie's detailed but chatty house visit reports to help us plan for our own visits over and to shortlist what we would see in person.  These visits before we moved were a big investment in terms of both time and money as we were coming from abroad with a big family and Jennie's reports were an essential part of what - in the end - was a highly successful process.

From the start, Jennie provided excellent local knowledge about schools and other local facilities and once we made our choice and were buying our new house, she was brilliant at putting us in touch with surveyors, lawyers, builders, cleaners etc.

Overall, it was a great experience and we have no hesitation in recommending Jennie's services to anyone looking for property here."

Jose and Julian: Family relocating from Australia

"Very professional and "details oriented" - she is everything you want in a home finder"

Jose and Julian were looking to relocate their young family from Australia to start up a new life for the first time in the UK. They wanted a long-term rental in an area that they could easily settle into, with a good school and welcoming community. 

"Moving to a new country is stressful and complicated. Fortunately Jennie completely removed one of the biggest stresses we had – finding a house to live in. Nothing was too much trouble for her, and she went above and beyond what we were expecting in every respect. Reports on houses had a level of detail and commentary that clearly indicated Jennie cared about where we wanted to live, and had listened to all our requirements and considered them carefully.  

In addition to finding us the perfect house, Jennie rang around the schools to find placements for our children, and dealt with real estate agents in a professional manner and provided them with a level of confidence about us that meant we were considered as great tenants (and therefore were accepted for the house we wanted). Jennie met us when we arrived and spent a great deal of time going over all aspects of the house, including reviewing the inventory for the house with us (room by room!) to make sure everything was dealt with to our satisfaction. She was very intent on ensuring we were completely happy with everything before she felt her job was done.

If you are looking to buy or rent a house in Hampshire, we simply could not recommend Jennie highly enough. She is everything you want it a home finder – highly knowledgeable, relentless in finding what you are looking for, very professional and “details oriented” and best of all – she really cares that you get the result you are looking for."

Jon and Sam: Family relocating from Switzerland

"Having someone to do the legwork on our behalf was invaluable"

Jon and Sam were relocating from Switzerland, having been out of the UK for 8 years. They wanted a semi-rural property in the New Forest area, but with easy access for commuting to London and Dorset.

"Choosing a property remotely would have been virtually impossible without the help of a service like ScoutBee. They helped us understand the different options in terms of location; always honest about the pros and cons of each property and opened our eyes to opportunities that on paper we would have passed up. Jennie took the time to research school options, get insider knowledge from local residents and helped guide us through the process of reintegrating our daughter into the UK school system. Having someone to do the legwork on our behalf, whilst we were busy tying up loose ends in Switzerland, was invaluable."

Glenn: Winchester resident needing advice

“Exactly what I needed and good value for money”

Glenn had been renting in Winchester and was keen to purchase a home for himself, but lacked the time to thoroughly research the property market.

"I needed to find a home in Winchester, which is not an easy market, and did not have the time to put to it. Nor did I feel I had the special skills in house hunting. Jennie at ScoutBee helped me to clarify my search criteria, performed a better search than I was able to, found and then helped me to negotiate and get an offer accepted on a lovely house. Throughout, ScoutBee gave me good advice and support in what is a very serious and stressful process. The service was exactly what I needed and good value for money.  In the same situation I would not hesitate to use them again."

Keith and Maeli: Family relocating from Australia

“Thank you for going the extra mile!”

Keith and Maeli were taking the huge leap of relocating their young family from the other side of the world to start a new life in the UK. We recommended finding a rental property as the first step of their relocation journey, so they could get to know the area before committing to a purchased.  As they were still in Australia throughout the search period, all the communication and decision-making took place remotely, so it was more important than ever to understand their needs and priorities.  As well as finding as suitable house in a good catchment area, we helped them to apply for school places snd secure an off-market rental agreement in time for their pre-Christmas arrival. 

“Many thanks for all your help in finding this property and your advice with schools etc. I can't tell you how grateful we are for having your assistance with this move. It has taken a considerable amount of stress away from the process for us. Thank you for going the extra mile.”

Rachel and Tom: Family relocating from London

"Local knowledge was priceless"

Rachel and Tom were relocating their young family from London to be near the excellent schools of Winchester, but still within commutable distance of their work in the capital. The challenge was finding a house within budget, in easy reach of the station, as well as being in catchment for a good primary school with spaces available in their daughter's year.

We're pleased to say we found them a lovely house that met their criteria and they moved in just in time for their daughter to start the new term.

Rachel and Tom say ...“Nina and Jennie immediately demonstrated they had listened well and, as parents themselves, fully understood the practical and emotional complexities involved in relocating a family with school-age children.

Throughout the search process, they repeatedly demonstrated that they had the best interests of our family at heart. Whilst making big decisions about moving to an area we were only just getting to know, their local knowledge was priceless in reassuring us that we were making the best and most well-informed choices.

On a practical level, we don't know how we would have managed to keep our family and professional lives on track whilst managing the time-consuming process of house-hunting and school viewing in a different area. We could not recommend ScoutBee highly enough."