Welcome to ScoutBee, your independent property search specialist for Hampshire and the South Coast


Our mission is to help every client find their dream property to buy or rent in Hampshire and the South Coast. Whether you are relocating to the area, searching for that perfect family home or looking for an ideal investment property, ScoutBee’s personal home finders will offer independent, impartial advice to help you make the right choice. Not only will we save you valuable time and stress throughout the entire process of moving house, we will also help you settle effortlessly into your new home and lifestyle.

In simple terms, estate agents work for the seller, whereas we work exclusively for the buyer or tenant and this means we always have your best interests at heart.



What is a search agent?

We find ourselves being described in a variety of ways including property search agents, relocation agents, home finders, property finders and buying agents - sometimes even personal counsellors! Whatever you choose to call us, we’re here to help you find the perfect Hampshire home, whatever your budget.

We are able to research all areas of Hampshire on your behalf; popular areas we cover include Winchester, Southampton, the New Forest, Ringwood, Petersfield and Portsmouth.

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When a queen bee decides it’s time to move, she sends out her scout bees to search for the perfect location. As the most experienced foragers, they base their search on a strict list of criteria - large enough to accommodate the family, well protected from the elements, whilst receiving enough sun to keep the rest of the bees warm and happy. Once a suitable location is found, the scout bee performs a waggle dance - the more excited she is, the more excitedly she dances!