Property search agents or counsellors? There’s more to it than meets the eye…

Being a property search agent isn’t simply about looking for houses. Often it’s the level of support and confidence we provide that is far more important to our clients – particularly if they’re feeling a little vulnerable.

One of our female clients, who had recently divorced, was finding the prospect of house hunting by herself just too overwhelming. She reached out to ScoutBee for help; despite being clear on the area she wanted to live, she really needed someone to lean on, bounce ideas off and give her the confidence to make the right decision. She had previously had her husband to do this with, but, even though finding herself in charge of her own life was liberating, it was also daunting at the same time! She described the service as ‘invaluable’ and praised our patience, care and attention to detail throughout the process.

Similarly, another lady who had retired in Devon and wanted to relocate to Winchester, chose ScoutBee to not only save time and travel expenses on the searching – but also for an impartial point of view. She needed to be near her family, yet create a new life around her personal interests – not just as convenient childcare for her grandchildren! We were able to offer her independent local advice, hold her hand throughout the process and find a lovely property that met her individual needs, whilst also gaining the approval and reassurance of her family.

It feels almost like a counselling service at times, which is incredibly rewarding, as we get the opportunity to help people and reduce genuine anxiety and stress in the process.

An estate agent recently referred to us both as ‘gentle’. We weren’t sure at first how to take this, but it actually sums up our approach very well. The dictionary definition of gentle is: having or showing a mild, kind or tender temperament or character. In the property industry, where there are so many intimidating sales people and confusing jargon, we’re quite happy to be ‘mild’ and ‘kind’. Our clients certainly appreciate our calm, caring nature and we’re happy to double up as counsellors along the way!