Getting the edge over your competition

2016 has begun, local estate agents are reporting plenty of activity already, and industry experts are predicting house price rises of around 6% by the end of the year.

So why are house prices continuing to rise? In basic terms, it’s because there is more demand from buyers than there is supply of housing.

And in any situation where there is excess demand, it’s important to have the edge over your competition. As a buyer, this means putting yourself in the best position to secure a great deal – whether it’s your ability to move quickly, having finances already in place, or getting ahead of all the other buyers before properties are even advertised.

This is where property search agents can help. Firstly, in terms of the estate agents, you’re already in a strong position as a buyer if you have enlisted the help of a search agent. Particularly in the New Year, estate agents are met with a number of ‘new buyers’, who are investigating the thought of moving but are not ready to make a purchase. At a busy time of year, estate agents can dismiss such buyers as ‘time-wasters’ and genuine buyers can sometimes get swept up in this category and are not given the time and attention they deserve.

We know that estate agents recognise a search agent buyer as a serious contender, and will be top of the list to call when any new properties come to market. At ScoutBee, we ensure we maintain good relationships with the local estate agents, so that our clients have access to properties before they are listed – and often deals are done at this stage before any buyer competition appears.

New properties are coming to the market everyday and now is a great time of year to start a property search – but you do need to be on top of the market to take advantage of the opportunities.