Easing the stress of house-hunting at an emotional time

It’s not unusual to hear that some of the top causes of stress in your life include divorce and buying or selling a house – but imagine when you have to encounter both at the same time!

Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence, as relationships break down and one or both parties are forced to sell up and look for alternative accommodation. If you’re suddenly doing this as a single person, it can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming – so many decisions to make on your own!

The hardest part is often that you ‘have’ to move, as opposed to ‘wanting’ to move, which adds additional confusion, frustration and heartache – especially in the fast moving world of property. This is where we helped a recent client, who was not only going through a separation, but also moving to a new area to make a fresh start in life.

We helped her understand the different locations, gave her a clear idea of what she could get for her budget and helped her to clarify what was really important to her in terms of criteria. Sometimes the most difficult thing is articulating what you actually want – especially when you’ve been used to thinking of your partner’s needs for so long. So we went through lots of options, refining and filtering until we came up with a comprehensive brief; and a couple of months later, a great little house!

Another recently divorced local client knew exactly what he wanted in terms of property and area, but just needed the reassurance of someone to help him through the process. This was where our role of ‘hand-holding’ really worked and it was our support, rather than our local knowledge that was more important in this case.

It was so rewarding to help both these clients, and to see them now settled and embarking on their next chapter in life. If you’re in a similar situation, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. We can’t promise to help with marriage guidance (although we can recommend a good local solicitor!), but we can make it our mission to remove the stress from this other major event in your life.